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STUDIIO's pedagogy

We think that to prepare professionals with the Third Industrial Revolution, we need to reinvent the training experience

…with a pedagogy based on collaborative learning and resolution of challenges

…during creative workshops hosted by speakers from the , who will share their expertise and their dynamism...

and a program conceived in a "story-telling" mode, with the sharing of true stories and anecdotes, in a fun workplace

Give a hungry person a fish, he eats for a day, teach a hungry person to fish, he eats for a lifetime.


Participants' Testimonies

A new type of very original training enabling you to discover a new environment and a new learning methodology. Receiving training on innovation in an innovative environment by an experienced professional, what else?

Youssef G., Senior Consultant
Participated to Lean Startup workshop, 12/01/2015

Essential + Interactive. The program is dense and necessary to familiarise with these tools. I regret that this workshop doesn’t took place simultaneously with the tools deployment. THANK YOU :)

Valérie L., TF1
Participated to a collaborative tools workshop, 06/22/2016

This workshop is a great way to get started in a broad field where informations are not easily accessible at this time. It allows to acquire the skills to begin in one day instead of trying to collect informations on the Internet by oneself.

Romain S., Software Development Engineer
Participated to Ethereum workshop, 06/03/2016

Very good organization and structuration of the ideas. Efficient construction to build a real project. Very cool, a lot of caring!

Employee of Le Monde's group
Participated to Le Monde Innovation Sprint, 04/15/2016

Our speakers

All our speakers come from the start-up ecosystem. They contributed to the « STUDIIO’s learning experience » thanks to their dynamism, their experience, and thanks to the sharing of true stories and anecdotes.

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